Friday, February 10, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Minnesota

Season Record: 30-19-7 Season Record: 28-25-4


This one is a must win. Minnie played last night and this is their 3rd game in 4 nights.

Word is that Roloson gets the start in net, which is fantastic news for Edmonton. Fernandez always seems to play well against the Oil, but Dwayne is only 2-11 with a 3.54 career record against Edmonton.

It will be the Mayor in net for Edmonton. Peca may dress.

Sacamano's key to the game -- Until they fix this, I'm sticking with the same problem -- first shift after scoring a goal. As predicted, it finally burned them last game. Please, please, stop putting out LeGG right after scoring.

Great Quotes: -- On asked about the gambling stuff, Mac-T said that it would kill The Oilers' usual Sunday night bingo game. He said something along the lines of "Every Sunday we get together, sing Kumbaya, and Prongs pulls out the bingo balls."

Prediction: 4-1 Oilers (Hemsky, Pronger, Horcoff, Harvey)


The bingo balls? Did he mean the Orbs?

Anyone else watching the opening ceremonies? For some reason, I just can't picture Vancouver holding this many Euro dance-offs. Thank God for the New World.

I figured it out! It's like one big Pet Shop Boys video.

Sorry. I am done now.

YOKO ONO??? Are you f**ing kidding me!?!? Sorry, I thought I was done, but that is insane.

I am talking to myself here.

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