Saturday, February 04, 2006


Oilers Game Day - I Have Tickets Division

Hey hey hey.

Mrs. Sacamano does it again! She managed to procure a couple of tickets for tonight's big tilt between the Canucks and Oilers.

Let's hope the result is the same as the last Canucks' game I went to -- but with better foresight.

Longtime readers will know that my luck with tickets this year has been unparalleled--in both disastrous and wonderful ways. Anything can happen on a Saturday night . . .

Word also arrived in my inbox that 26 Canuckleheads are on an Alberta roadtrip and will be at the game. I just might go down and try to find them.

The bad news is that I am currently without a computer at home, so any accounts of the hijinx will likely have to wait a few days. In addition, I will be unable to post ridiculous predictions, mock the Flames, complain about the goaltending, wonder why Mac-T keeps putting Peca in the shootouts, etc. I expect the rest of you to pick up my slack

Go Oil!


Have you got some kind of invasion-alert system in your Inbox? "Code Orca! Code Orca! 26 inbound bogies! Get ready to hit their bus with beer bottles and paint balloons!"

If it is the group from Prince George, the short blonde guy, Brad, is a local DJ and is a truely annoying Canuklehead homer.

Please ridicule him :).

Wow sacamano. You really do catch the extremes in performance. The 7-1 Colorado game and now this?

Hey, was the crowd at that game really that quiet, or did CBC have the mics turned down? You could barely hear any crowd noise on HNIC.

Vancouver looked pretty tuckered out last night, but it's worth pointing out that the Oilers are always forced to play extra back-to-back away games, and they have a 4-2 record in the rebound matches this year. So, world's smallest violin and whatnot.

(I have to say, I am having a blast with these anagrams. Did you notice that BRIAN BOUCHER was obtained because of an ON-ICE RHUBARB? Or that Craig MacDonald originally comes from GRIM, COLD CANADA?)

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