Thursday, February 02, 2006


Oilers Game Day -- Flames-Beating Blue Jackets

Season Record: 28-18-6 Season Record: 21-30-2


Columbus rolls into town tonight fresh off their shootout win over the slumping Flames. I'd call it an upset win, but frankly I'm not sure anymore.

The Oil have lost 4 in a row at home, but I see that streak ending tonight. Columbus, meanwhile, beat the Flames last night for their fourth in a row--a new club record.

Word is that Jussi is in the pipes for Edmonton, while Denis, who beat the Flames last night, will not be in net for Columbus.

In other news, JF Jacques has been called up to take the place of three-point legend Ethan Moreau. I can't say that I know much about him, except that he is a big, strong, fast, banging type of player. Did I mention that Columbus will probably be tired after their win over the Flames last night?

Prediction: 6-2 Oilers (Bergeron, Dvorak, Smyth, Torres, Stoll, Pisani)


Why the hell would they start Jussi? They have had time off, why not go back to Morrison? This year-long experimentation phase with our goalies is going to bite us in the ass. Again.

Whats with the battle of alberta trade competition? I mean, i'm not trashing either team's trades in terms of their value, but I find it amusing how Edmonton's primary need is a goaltender and they trade for 2 defenceman. Calgary desperately needs goal scoring and they trade for a 3rd liner and a goaltender. What's next? Calgary trades for a defenceman and Edmonton trades for a 3rd line grinder?

I think both teams have something brewing....

We sure don

I don't mind the Jussi start. He basically won the game for Edmonton in the last C-bus game.

Plus, save Quimby for the Canucks.

Like it or not, Morrison is not going to start 37 of the last 40 games. The short-term strategy seems to be to get Markkanen back on track by giving him the easy starts (and the Anaheim games). I can think of worse ideas. The way Morrison is being used now, it's clear enough that he is the "number one."

Geesh Cosh, for somebody who a month ago gave me a well-deserved berating for foot-in-mouth disease you sure like to tempt fate. Any thoughts of the goalie with the best (insert basically every relevent goalie stat here) numbers actually being given the "Number 1" label officially or unofficially or even vaguely should be quietly kept to oneself, or murmured before a game while grasping onto a big pile of 2x4s. Declaring Mo's status to the world is almost asking for a goalie start by the-northerner-who-shalt-not-be-named. Or worse, the Oilers sending 2 goalies to Montreal in return for Theodore.

Those Oiler-Beating Blue Jackets are pretty pesky, aren't they?

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