Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Numbers game

This came out a month ago, but I hadn't seen mention of it. Team Canada's players have selected their sweater numbers. Here's the guys wearing different numbers than they do in league play:
The number 3 is still available, hint hint hint...


Thornton is normally 19, as well, and will be wearing 97. (Unless is wrong)

Yes he is, my omission. Anyone know if Richards, Doan, Spezza, & JT picked 19 because they were Stevie/Sakic fans?

Possibly. I believe Stevie Y picked #19 because of Trottier. Larry Robinson was #19 also.

I think Sakic had #88 to start in Quebec, non?

Other great #19's - Naslund and Kovalchuk, damn foreigners. Why can't they just spell 19 in their own stupid languages?

Who the hell wears #3, anyway? What's Farnsworth doing, honouring Bob Gassoff?

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