Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Not-yet-breaking news

The radio this morning told be that Hockey Canada and the men's team exec are conference calling today to name replacement(s) for injured player(s).

The big question for me is if Phaneuf is selected. All accounts are that McCabe will be moved onto the active roster, but who will be put on to the taxi squad in his place?

But the second question, which makes the last part of the first one somewhat moot, is if Niedermayer has informed Gretzky et al of his plans in advance of this meeting; it's certainly possible that we will find out both that Niedermayer is out and who his replacement will be.

I went over this at enough length before, but Phaneuf really ought to be picked, whether it's to replace Niedermayer's offensive skillz, or Jovo's general wild-card-ness.


Phaneuf, I'm afraid, is down the list a few guys. My guess is the Team Canada brass go with Bouwmeester, Boyle or Hannan. Even Phillips, from what I've heard, is ahead of Phaneuf.

Not that it makes much sense.

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