Sunday, February 05, 2006


Let's not get distracted here, people

Story of Super Bowl XL you probably won't read, although Bill Simmons might mention it: we just missed seeing what would probably have been the greatest moment in Super Bowl Gambling History, i.e. the Greatest Moment in Gambling History.

The point spread on the game was Pittsburgh -4. It started at -4, and stayed right on that number for two weeks, without even jittering so much as half a point.

Twice late in the 4th quarter, Seattle was down by 11 and moving the ball. If they had managed to get the ball into the end zone, the score would have been 21-16. It was sufficiently late in the game that they absolutely would have attempted a 2-point convert to get to within a field goal at 21-18.

What I'm saying is that the 2-point convert would have been a classic moment (especially if it was with something like 8 seconds left, where the game outcome wasn't really in doubt). Down by 5. If the Steelers prevented the 2-pointer, they cover the 4-point spread and win by 5. If the Seahawks converted, they moved to within 3, covering the +4 spread. An unsatisfying Push of a 4-point win, impossible. But, apparently the Seahawks don't have any sideline passes in their playbook, so it wasn't to be.

Sports Story of the Month Completely Overshadowed by the Super Bowl: a guy named John Holmes won the PGA Tour event in Phoenix (sometime since he was the medallist in Q-School, he started going by J.B. Holmes, which is disappointing, but we still know who you are, buddy). This surely would have made for one of the most entertaining golf highlight, er, packages in the history of SportsCentre. Oh, did I mention that he's One Of The Longest Guys On Tour, and that I am seriously not making this up?


It looks like Hasselbeck didn't want to mess up his stats late in the 4th. Sometimes an interception means you tried. He should have been throwing into the end-zone on every play on the last series.

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