Monday, February 06, 2006


Is Edmonton's Defense Too Good? [updated]

One of the blowhards on one of the radio stations (I really can't tell the difference between them all) mentioned that the Oilers D might be too good.

His theory? By preventing so many shots (currently 2nd best in the league), the Oilers don't allow their goaltenders to "get into the game".

Quimby was interviewed and actually gave some credit to this theory, saying something along the lines of "Ya, it is often difficult for goaltenders to play in games where you get very little action."

He went on to say that he was used to it because his team at Maine also prevented a lot of shots.

Personally, I'm perfectly happy to only give up 1 shot/period.

Incidently, the Oil are back in positive goal differential territory in both the offense and defensive components. The Flames are still a -24.7 on offense.


Quimby had this to say after the Van game:

"There is a lot less asked of you here than in Greenville. Definitely down there you get a lot more opportunities (to see shots), a lot more grade-A (scoring) chances (than in the NHL)."

"Most guys down there are not getting paid enough to block shots like the guys up here are, and that's understandable. Plus, our team up here in general is such a great defensive team in terms of the sacrifices that they make to keep the puck out of our net."

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