Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Headline of the Olympics

“Curling” Is The Name of Italy’s Future

From the classic ESL story, all bold in original:
A final result of 4 victories and 5 defeats constitutes a good base for Italy’s future in this discipline. Two more, still more surprising, events can be added to this. First of all, the historic and unforgettable victory of 7:6 against the Canadian champions, whose country has the greatest number of athletes in this discipline in the world (3 million compared to 500 in Italy); in second place and most importantly, the clamorous public success that this discipline, which is practically unknown to Italians, was able to get in only a few Olympic days. This important achievement and the sudden way with which “curling mania” has infected the Italians suggest that this sport will be followed by a large number even after the Olympics.


Now they just need to learn how to pebble.

Two Canucks hurt on the same day! Sublime.

The Canucks lose Ohlund and Salo in the same day. Ouch. With no goaltending and no defence, it would sure suck to be a 'nucks fan after the Olympics.

God. Pronger again. Two goals he cost us, along with Bertuzzi's bonehead pick. Here's hoping Pronger doesn't turn into Tommy Salo once he gets back home.

Could Elliot Friedman ask more biased questions? "Evgeni, is beating the glorious, Godly Canadian team in the quarterfinals the greatest moment in your lowly Russian life?"

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