Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Entire NW Division in Playoffs?

Is it possible for all 5 NW division teams to make the playoffs this year. Frankly, it would be a crime if it didn't happen.

Early on it didn't look good for Minnie, but LA's recent implosion along with the Wild's recent resurgence (and Gaborik coming back from injury) has muddied the waters. Minnie's 5-1 whuppin' of the Kings last night made it even more interesting.

Cleary the Wild have the tougher schedule coming home, but the good news is that the 3 teams they are fighting with are all in the same division (LA, Anaheim, Phoenix) and so should pick away at each other.

I'm actually hoping the Wild do make it in. They get a bad rap. Now that they actually look to score off of transitions, I don't find them nearly as painful to watch as I used to.


I expected the Sharks to make some noise this season and still do come April (most underachieving team ?) while I think the Kings will be the victim-outside looking in. Det, Dall, Van, Nsh, Calg, Col, Edm, SJ are PO bound.

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