Thursday, February 09, 2006


Are you kidding! It oughta be great!

Chris Selley notes today's big launch:
The Daily Hate debuts

Classic Cox:

"That police are today hunting for evidence that NHL players or employees may have been betting on league games is a scar that won't be easy to erase."

Wow. Imagine if they actually find some evidence. That scar would never heal. Sorry, would never be erased.

And now he has a blog. That oughta be fun.

Related: a nameless anagram aficionado informed me today that STEVE SIMMONS rearranges to spell VOMITS MENSES. How about that!


When I saw that nameless afficionado's first post on the anagrams, I immediately shut down my computer.

I got sucked into that game in the past, and I barely escaped with my degree. I swear it is more addictive than loderunner.

I would say that Mrs. Gretzky betting $5000 on the Tom Brady toin coss is big news. I mean, the guy is handsome, but cmon. He's no Mitch Gaylord.

I sacrificed much of my sophomore year to anagrams, so much so that I can't look at a pedestrian crossing sign without thinking "hmm--'pedantries'." But I think that's kind of built into the undergrad system. It's semi-expected that you are going to lose a year to booze, lesbianism, art terrorism, what have you.

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I don't think I picked up a book until third year. The first two were spent drinking beer and eating fries in Dewey's or PowerPlant at the U of A.

Vaguely, I recall a pre-colonial African History class, maybe something on Symbolic Logic, but of course I can't remember a lick of any of it.

Sadly, undergraduate students these days can't dink around nearly as much as they used to.

Have you seen the beer prices at the PowerPlant lately?

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