Monday, January 23, 2006


Yep, big night

"Both events are televised, but only one is worth watching." Indeed. Not convinced? Here's the Battle of Alberta and the federal election, head-to-head:

As you can see, The Battle of Alberta is a clear 6-3-1 winner.

I'm predicting a positive result for Team Red in both the game and in Edmonton Centre (and in the spirit of that riding, don't forget to keep stuffing our ballot box!).

Goooooooooo Flames!

[P.S. This blog is not a politics-free zone per se; however, we require every political comment to be tied to hockey in some way, regardless of how tortured or lame that connection may be. Fair warning.]


Well, regarding your comment of Edmonton-Centre going red tonight, unfortunately for you "red" fans (Flames and Liberals), its going to be very similair to a certain Stanley Cup finals where it took 7 games, but eventually the Blue team took out the red one.

Just like the Oilers victory tonight, look for Laurie Hawn to win, and to not even make it close. You heard it here first.


Liberal- 90
CPC- 129
NDP- 29
Independent- 2

Oilers: 308-0

Your forgot to put in a category for "Out of the Closet", with the Honourable Scott Brison for the Election and Shean Donovan for the Flames.

Think about it. Wait for it. Wait. There it is. YES!!!

I must concede: I don't get it, Andy. Torres, I would get. But not Donovan.

See Bobby Clarke.

Thanx for rolling over for me in the basketball league, btw. I needed those wins, badly.

OK, ooof. And re: the B-ball pool? Go to hell. I need Yao, Jermaine, and Manu to get off their skinny cans back onto the court.

Jesus. You picked Yao, Jermaine, AND Manu. I really should have joined that pool. I can tell already that I would have made a fortune.

Wow, can someone explain how the federal election/Oilers-Flames hockey game comparison turned into a basketball discussion?

Talk about attention deficit disorder boys, lets stick to the topic du jour please!

I think Calbert Cheaney and Matt Nover are still available, Jass.

OK, back to the task at hand:

Clip Shown Repeated Times:
B of A - Tommy's double-bank shot
Election - PM at poll in Montreal, appearing Frightened and Surly
Advantage - B of A

Category: Blackout

BoA: Section 5SCT1 of the NHL Code prohibits the Atlanta/Calgary Flames from being a successful franchise. Millions of Calgarians pass out after the Oilers beat the Flames 6-2 and injure starting goalie Miikka Kiprusoff. Matt blacks out after choking on own vomit and the Ming of Yao.

Election: Section 329 of the Canada Elections Act prohibits the posting of election results from one part of the country while the polls remain open in another. Millions of Westerners phone long-lost friends in the East and surf American internet sites.

Advantage: Election

My advice: stay away from Kobe Bryant. The triangle offence is going to suffocate that dude's creativity.

Oh, Black Mamba. Someone in our league was very happy. I am sure Lamar Odom wants to hang himself, though.

The only good thing about tonight's game is that Kipper isn't playing for Finland, and Jarmoe is playing for Canada.

They were both terrific tonight.

Wow, I don't know if it was the Flames looking strong or the Oil looking weak but that was a good win for the Flames. Now lets see how they turn around and do in Colorodo tomorrow.

Flames win, again. Alberta sweep. Harper is PM. Could this night get any better? Maybe a rough little pillow fight between Rona Ambrose and Belinda Stronach in thier underwear to ice the cake. Meow.

Yeah Jarmoe. Yeah Flames.

Clinching the Battle of Alberta the night the West gets in.

I suppose both those battles get to be reopened about April-ish, but whatever. Go Flames.

And please. Donovan coming out of the closet? Hello? Raffi? RAFFI? I mean seriously. Come on.

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