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I think I see what Chris Selley was talking about.

Ed Belfour was the 2nd Star in tonight 1-0 Leafs loss to the Flames. He was generally in good position. He made several very nice saves, and one spectacular one (on Darren McCarty later in the 3rd).

He also let in infinity times more weak dribblers (1) than Miikka Kiprusoff (0), which was the difference in the game.

The goalies were both good, but it was no goaltenders' duel. And it was obvious, even with Roger Millions calling each shot straight into the pads or chest protector of either goalie like it was a no-look behind-the-back 1999-Hasek-circus-stop.

3rd star Robyn Regehr was the best player on the ice by a mile, and should have been 1st star even if he had nothing to do with the one Calgary goal. It was a nice way to end the first half of the team's season for him; he missed the first 14 games of it, and I'm still calling him the Flames' MVP, 1st half edition.


I dunno. I thought Belfour was starting to come apart three years ago, but the results--well, in the playoff games against Ottawa anyway--keep messing with my mind. Plus, you know, roast the guy for losing a 1-0 game, but how many times do you really want to turn the spit on that one.

It's not made any easier by the fact that, as Matt suggests, most "national" broadcasters whoop like gibbons when Eddie Billions manages to adjust his jock without starting a war. After the Oilers touch him up for a six-spot today, I'm sure CBC's staff of nine ex-goalies will be falling over each other to defend him.

Kiprusoff, by the way, should actually be allowed to sue you for picking someone else as Flames MVP.

I don't want to roast Eddie - I said he was good. It's certainly not his fault that the Leafs created as few scoring chances as they did, so "he cost them the game" would be just as unfair as "he saved their asses".

However, on the single goal that was the Leafs' margin of defeat, he was the only player on the team that could be assigned any portion of the blame (the remainder going to blind luck). That puck couldn't have been going more than 35mph (as Daren Millard said on the postgame, "it bounced four times").

Ah, well, you see, it's the bouncing ones that are the trickiest.

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