Monday, January 30, 2006


Stretch Drive

According the the Amazing Zorak, 96 points gets you into playoffs in the West (only 87 needed in the East).

The Oilers are currently sitting at 62 points with 30 games remaining. If Zorak's projected cutoff is correct, the Oil only need to go .567 over the stretch to get in. If you look at the current points/game (as Zorak does) then the Oil are projected to get 98 points, but I think there is good reason to believe that they will be better than that.

First, their schedule certainly favours them:
Key Stretches:

The next 6 games before the Olympic break. 5 home games (CLB, VAN, ANA, MIN, STL) and 1 road game (COL). A run here sets them up very nicely.

End of March: A brutal stretch starting with a four game road trip (SJ, CBJ, MIN, MIN) followed by a tough three game home stand (CAL, DET, VAN), followed by a back-to-back road series in VAN then a game in COL, followed by MIN, LA , CAL, PHO at home.

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