Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Somewhat dissatisfied.

You thought an 8-10 record was rough on a coach, how about an 11-31 record?

Penguins coach Michel Therrien:

"I'm not impressed," he said. "It's a pathetic performance. Half of the team doesn't care. These guys would see if we take 50 percent of their salaries because they only play 50 percent of the time. That defensive squad, I really am starting to believe their goal is to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They turn the puck over, they have no vision, they're soft. They don't care. They pretend to care, but I know they don't care."

"They make my job miserable. So, it's give and take. So what can I do? Tonight it looked like men among boys. Marc has played well for us. Thank god."



Sac, you always drop the craziest audio files. Where do you keep all that stuff?

He's the DJ, we're the rappers.

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