Tuesday, January 10, 2006


A Shawn Horcoff Hat Trick?

Hey Hey Hey. Horcoff gets a hat trick. Has a hat trick consisting of a shortie, a regular strength, and a powerplay goal ever been named? Can we start to call it a Horcoff?

On another note, a great game by Ray Ferraro tonight. Maybe it was because I hadn't heard him for a while, but he was genuinely interesting tonight. Not only that, but Peca gave a pretty decent interview afterwards.

All in all, a great night. Did I mention that the Flames blew another 2 goal lead?

[Edit]: Cross had a heckuva game too.


It seems like we could dispense with the actual Flames. They're about as interesting as potting soil anyway. Just put up an automatic '2' for Calgary on the scoresheet every night and let the other team take shots at Kiprusoff for 60 minutes. Who's with me?

Mario had that famous 5 goal night about 15 years ago where he scored a goal on the PP, PK, ES, PS, and EN.

I think calling it a Horcky sounds better though.

Once every three weeks or so, the Oil wins and the Flames lose on the same night, and I have to put up with this every time. Enjoy it boys.

I have to admit that a win over Pittsburgh is a pretty penny-ante pleasure.

It's a half-Mario, not a Horky.

And I am starting to get upset and nervous whenever my team goes up two goals.

Ferraro did have another great game tonight. He's really becoming a great colourman. Too bad though, because he'll end up moving to a larger market sooner or later.

>Enjoy it boys.


[Sounds of a man running in mad circles around his apartment, with books, cereal boxes and newspapers swirling in the air]

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