Monday, January 16, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Buffalo

Season Record: 24-16-5 Season Record: 28-13-3


It is getting a bit redundant to say, but this is another big game for the Oilers.

The drop from first in the division to fighting for the final playoff spot has been swift. Cosh informs us that our goaltending has cost us about 22 goals more than average, which equates to about 8 points in the standings. Mac-T reckons all we need is one more save per game. I figure we could use a heckuva lot more than that. Ah, I shouldn't get on the goaltenders so much. Most of the goals really aren't that bad -- but there is just something that isn't quite right back there. It is tough to put your finger on -- well, other than the fact that the puck goes in the net that is.

In response, Mac-T has recalled the circus, and for tonight we've brought up everyone's favourite ECHL goaltender to face a team that scored 10 goals in their last outing. "I think I played well in the ECHL. I feel pretty good about myself and I'm ready to get back to work," said Morrison. At least he is confident.

As with Ottawa, Buffalo has struggled against the Oilers lately, going 0-6-2 since March 1998, and only 1 win in 13 tries since 1995. Sounds like they're due.

Maybe after tonight's game Buffalo will realize that they really should trade Biron to us -- just to make the league a little more interesting.

Prediction: I'm all out of love for today's prediction. I just can't bring bring myself to do it.


Air Supply in my head all day. Super. Thanx alot.

We aim to please.

Um, the squawk box is saying that Juice gets the start. Who cares, as long as it's not Mr. I Have A Goalpost Nailed To My Rectum. Mayor Quim was 6-1/.930 at Greenville, by the way, so I am looking forward to his first start.

One of these days I just have to find out where the hell Greenville actually is. I have this image of squealing pigs (Arnold Ziffel?) fleeing a Zamboni between periods.

Agreed. As long as the Juice or Quimby get the starts I'm reasonably comfortable.

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