Thursday, January 26, 2006


Oh no, we're busted...

Breaking News: Sports Illustrated has just discovered that Todd Bertuzzi was named to the Canadian Olympic Hockey team. And writer Richard Deitsch, in his "The Rant", is against it!

Ironically, the first sentence of his piece is, "Let's jump ahead a month." I've got a better idea, Richard: let's jump back a month, and then you can be one of the first 5,000 people in the sports media to express the exact same opinions you just wrote.

If you don't have a single original thing to say about hockey, then please: go back to covering tennis and steroid hearings.


I hope that Richard's nightmare scenario of a gold medal winning breakaway goal by Bertuzzi on Hasek comes to pass. I can't actually think of anything in the world better than that.

Unless it is Jarmoe getting that goal. Or even Ryan Smyth.

But I'm not fussy, if Bert got that goal we could all love him again.

Go Team Canada!

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