Wednesday, January 25, 2006


No screwing around

Wow, Sutter doesn't screw around. One bad game and he ships the Flames' backup goalie outta town. I guess you can do that when you have a good starter.

Hey Madcrutch, didn't you ask for Sauve yesterday?

In other news, Captain Canada Ryan Smyth pulled the ole stick tap on Giggy causing the Ducks netminder to go bananas.

Mrs. Sacamano was watching Lost so I was only getting the game during commercials, but every time I flipped back JS was skating out of his crease to hit someone, and the Oil were on a 5 on 3. It's a darn good thing, too, because the first two periods were so miserable I didn't even mind not watching.


Yeah, I meant to type Kiprusoff. Shit. Although, I don't think we really have a roster spot for a fourth goalie at the moment. I still wouldn't mind ditching Conklin and grabbing him, just to start him against Calgary. Maybe he'd be motivated to do well.

Weird move, by the way. Who dumps their backup goalie like this? It's quite a contrast with Edmonton, where Kevin Lowe has apparently been possessed by the ghost of Mr. Dithers.

That was a sweet way to win. It looks like the new conventional wisdom on how to handle the Oilers is to rough them up in the first period, but it didn't work so well last night. (You have to give props to Teemu for flattening Pronger thought--I guess this is one of those years when the Flash is serious about winning.)

Sutter's comment is pretty good, in regards to back-up Sauve's "fight" and no suspension......

"It's what I said after the game ... there was no fight," Sutter said.

"I agree with Kerry and Dennis (referees Fraser and LaRue), because they're veteran referees but what it shows is the goaltender's focus, or lack of focus, became a frustration point for him and that was his reaction.

"There wasn't a punch thrown. They could have given them two minutes for wiping mascara off, or something like that."


Goalie fights are more exciting if they keep their blockers on - old time hockey.

Congrats to the Oil for their comeback against the Ducks last night - they took advantage of the JS implosion quite well.

"The J.S. Giguere Implosion" would be a great band name.

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