Saturday, January 14, 2006


It's a good thing these guys love to play hockey

Have you seen the schedule for men's hockey at the Olympics? It's more like the schedule for a concert tour--or a baseball team. Here's Canada's schedule: all the men's teams all play on the same days.
I guess four-line depth, as well as a decent backup goalie, is probably more important than I realized.

Also of concern--especially in Western Canada--for those of us who blanch at the idea of cheering Canada to the Gold drinking coffee: what to do? Hit the bottle before the sun is up, or start at 11:00 on Saturday night and just stay up really late? These are the things that keep me awake at night.


I finally found an advantage to living in Ontario. Drinking at 8am is just fine by me.

God I love being self-employed. I think I will just carry on drinking through the night and watch the games BEFORE falling asleep. The greater question is: what will this do for business at western Boston Pizza locations? I should run my house as a hockey speak-easy for two weeks. All the smoking, drinking and hockey you can handle. No face paint required.

That is a brutal schedule.

Where was that list of which teams have XX number of Olympians? They are going to be dead tired for the stretch run.

Yeah, I'm leaning towards "WE'RE GOING ALL NIGHT!"

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