Saturday, January 07, 2006


I suppose...

...that if those are the circumstances it takes for the Flames to lose to the Canucks, I should probably be happy.

And Kipper was even better tonight than he was in his shutout last night. If I was a Finnish hockey fan, I'd be pissed.


I can't say I'm happy, but every cloud has a silver lining, right? The 'Nucks needed 3 power plays in the last 5 minutes of game time (including the extremely rare 6 on 3) to win and at least 2 of those were bogus (I know this to be so, as Greg Millen said they were legit and he is always wrong about everything).

And more silver -- The Flames get a point and the Nucks leap frog the Oil, who failed to beat the Loafs even after we softened them upo for them.

Oh Please! Millen's head is shuffed so far up the Flames' collective arses that it would take a crow bar to pry it out "Kipper this, ohhh Phaneuf that... Iginla is my hero"

Gads, its enough to make a guy go on a murderous rampage.

The goalie obstruction and "tripping" penalties on Bertuzzi were pure bunk as well. And it took a Naslund gaff to give the Flames their third goal. If I was a Flames fan, I wouldn't be too impressed with how they played. No silver lining to be found.

The effing reffing was questionable both ways. Bert's trip wasn't a penalty (although I'm not sure someone on the competition comittee should be "teaching" the refs between periods), but the non-existent "holding the stick" in the last 2 minutes is absurd.

And if Flames fans think Millen is Canuck biased, and Canuck fans think he is Flame biased, then he is probably doing a good job (as far as biases go).

One last thing, if the NHL want zero tolerance, fine; but they had better start calling a lot more diving. Someone should tell some of these guys that the Springboard competition is in the Summer games 2 years from now.

Sure there's a silver lining, or at least a bronze one. You can't win every game, my heroes still get a point out of it and gain a point on the Oilers, so that's all good. If the season ended tomorrow, the Flamers would face the Nucks in the first round and that worked out pretty good last year, and this year's signs (4-0-1 record) look pretty encouraging.

I wasn't suggesting that Millen favours one team or another particularly, I don't think he is too bad about that sort of thing. My point was more along the lines that he is really dumb and is always wrong, so if he thought a penalty was legit, it supports my claim that it was not.

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