Monday, January 30, 2006


How to cheese off your GM, coach, teammates and fans

Ethan Moreau has possibly broken his leg -- playing pick-up basketball.

Don't these guys have riders in their contracts about this sort of thing? My high-school volleyball coach almost had an aneuryism when I sprained my ankle playing pick-up hoops and had to miss the first round of volleyball playoffs. I can't imagine how K-Lowe took the news.


unbelievable, we lose one of our best penalty killers, and best grinder, and we don't even get a goalie in return.

Looks like Peca just became much more crucial to this team.

That's pretty dull. I prefer accidental injuries to be suffered more romantically, like carrying deer meat or punching a yacht.

That reminds me. Recently in the doc's office there was an SI that had a list of the 10 stupidist sports injuries. I wish I could find that online -- or at least remember some of them.

You realise what just happened there? When you get the last second tying goal-shootout win kind of game, the hockey gods demand some sort of sacrifice. If it was not basketball, it would have been the deer meat or the yacht thing or sneezing or something.

Nice one.

Here are some more good lists.

Fun related anecdote. This guy was a regular ratball player in the University of Calgary gymnasium during the mid 90's.

One Saturday he was submarined by the guy who indirectly(?) gave all Albertans the "Family Day" holiday.

You could have heard a pin drop. But Flutie is a tough little fella, and he just popped up like nothing happened.

The injury turns out to be a ankle spraing

Phew. Ankle sprains are nothing. Maybe Moreau will get bored at home and discover our blogs? He may even tell Pronger about the Orbs.

I remember reading about some Jays player back in the mid 90's who missed a game because he got frostbite on his arm from leaving a cold pack on too long.

depending on long this guy is out, Kevin Lowe mights have to go out and get a replacement for him. As if he doesn't have enough on his plate getting rid of Ulanov and getting a Goalie.

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I don't know. Ankle sprains can often be worse than breaks in terms of their rehab time.

It was also described as a "severe" ankle sprain and that he was out "indefinitely".

When I hear that I think torn ligaments.

You don't have to worry unless it's the dreaded "high ankle sprain." A colostomy is more encouraging than one of hose. I think the "high sprain" was the initial diagnosis in House, M.D.'s case.

You know, I loved House when it first came out -- so grumpy, so bitter. But then every single episode was identical.

Patient comes in with illness -- differential diagnosis on the white board -- everyone thinks it is something minor -- House isn't convinced -- doctors argue about who is right -- House has a flash of inspiration -- sends lackies out to break into patient's residence and/or orders extra expensive tests while avoiding the admin -- confirms that patient has lied to him -- reveals the solution Sherlock Holmes style -- case closed.

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