Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hockey Hockey Hockey, Hockey all the time!

The sharp newish blog Abel to Yzerman is hosting Carnival of the NHL #18: The Sawchuk Edition. It's focused on goaltending, and he covers our Carnival of the Oilers' Goaltending Woes nicely, and makes special mention of the comment thread. Which reminded me, this is too good to leave in the comments:
I'm not sure I can find an analogue for Conklin's sheer horribleness at this point. It's gotten so bad that I know he's got to be fighting an injury, but I actually can't think of one that is serious enough to account for his slow reaction times and lateral movement. Spine cancer? Bubonic plague?

Head over and check it out. And a quick reader bleg: anyone know why our traffic has jumped so much in the past few days? We've gone from a consistent 200-ish per day, for months, to over 400. It doesn't appear to be from any particular link, or a glut of Google searches. Were we mentioned on TV/radio/print? Or, are we suddenly just a lot more interesting recently, and the same ten people are visiting that much more? I need answers.


The season is winding down and the playoff hunt is on. Calgary and Edmonton are both in it and the rivalary is at the highest it's been in a long, long time.

I think the short answer is you guys give good blog and people are noticing.

That, or I am spending way too much time lurking around here.

Excessive sunspot activity, maybe?

I think it might have been my obsessive reloading the other night when I was having that formatting problem . . .

My job is pretty boring, so I come to your guys' site like way more than I used to.

Also, could be that some people type in the wrong address and come here by mistake, because i hear that "battleofalbert" is really taking off, man, that Albert sure can fight.

I know what it is — I linked to you!

Not only did you link to us, but you did it through the OoP! I'm sure that is the explanation.

You guys seem to be posting alot more updates recently, so I'm betting people check back more often to see if there's anything new.

The Site Meter Referrals function on the left should tell you where it is coming from. It looks to me like it is just good old fashioned traffic. It doesn't appear like a post moved to the top of a search engine or that it is from specific blogrolls.

Personally, I just think Cosh checks back 40-50 times an hour to see if you guys have laughed at his jokes.

What the hell? Sudden heel turn from Grabia? Save the truth-based low blows for the enemy, dude.

It's like Piper smashing the coconut over the head of Superfly Snuka. Or Hogan joining the nWo. Whatcha gonna do, bruther!?

The sad thing is, we were on here at 4 and 6 in the morning. I think they owe us both for the rapid rise.

Just when I thought I had all the answers, you changed the questions.

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