Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Happy Robbie Burns Day!

Don't forget to eat your haggis, neeps 'n' tatties tonight while watching the game.

The piper image was shamelessly stolen and modifed from here (via the surprisingly upbeat HF).


Ah, piss. Forgot it was the 25th. There goes another year's chance to tuck in.

There's not much Scottishness in evidence on either of the BoA clubs, is there? "Morrison" is the only surname on either team that you'd roll the dice on, and that's only if you didn't know he was from Mass. Whatever happened to the B.J. Macdonalds, Cam Connors, and Colin Campbells?

Come to think of it, though, there's a MacTavish and a Simpson in charge, so maybe the karma works in our favour.

No doubt about it. Mac-T gives us the edge.

But I have serious reservations about including the Campbells given their treachery at Glencoe on behalf of Dalrymple. Of course, it was against the MacDonalds . . .

Hey, I said I'd like to have a Campbell on my team, I didn't say I'd accept a dinner invite from one.

Clearly, the North side of the BofA has the Scottish advantage in the weblogger category, too.

Although, my other given name is Alexander, after a rather well-known resident of Old and New Scotland.

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