Monday, January 30, 2006


Flames Game Day

For the 2nd time in three games, the Flames are taking on a team that has just dumped good players for no immediate return.

You never really know how a team will react in this situation. I essentially don't believe in the idea of Coach as Game Day Motivator, but this may be one of those few times where the coach actually earns his money in that respect.

On Thursday the Hawks traded Jaro Spacek somewhere, and their D really sacked up that night and shut the Flames out. Now, the Blues have traded their top two centres.

I'm not too distressed about the Weight trade. I wasn't really expecting the Flames to acquire him, and I'm not sure how much it would have helped anyway. Sillinger going to Nashville, however, worries me a bit.

He can't be that great; ten freaking teams have now let him go. However, he has 22 goals and he's playing damn well. I know this because he's killing me in my hockey pool. I'm in a twenty team league, and I'm presently 2nd, behind David Johnson. Roughly, he's got more good goalies and better D, but I have better forwards. That is, with two notable exceptions; Alfredsson, and Mike Sillinger. Sillinger's points, PP points, FO wins, and SOG have been killing me; the guy's been getting 10 fantasy points a game for weeks now. I don't think there's much doubt that the Predators just got better.

All that said: the Blues have been the worst team in the league this season, and now, they're worser. They have a grand total of three (3) wins this season against playoff teams: their two thumpings of Vancouver, and a 3-2 win over Detroit about 10 weeks ago.

Calgary must--must--win tonight. I'll predict a 4-1 victory. No idea if Kipper will be in net, or if it's Sauve's chance to redeem himself under extreme pressure (though not applied by the Blues, presumably). Go Flames.


Wow that looks like an overpayment by Carolina. Three draft picks and three players for someone who hasn't done much since leaving Edmonton and who will be an UFA at the end of the season. Of course none of the players are anything to shake a stick at and two of those picks were fourth rounders.

In any case, I'm happy that Weight didn't end up on either of the Alberta teams.

Man, Carloina has a good team, three really solid lines. And they play good hockey, similar to the NW div teams - fast, good transitional play, don't let up much.
Not sure how Weight will fit into their lineup. Probably first unit on power play, possibly third line centre, unless they move Rod the Bod to third line and let Weight follow behind Staal. Three very good centres, and very good play this year from the wingers - Williams, Stillman, Cole, Whitney, Cullen.
And former Flame Ogie Oglethorpe on the blue line.
Now that's an Eastern team I could cheer for.


Spell check good

Weight is till almost a point a game, is he not? I wouldn't have minded him in the playoffs, although we seemingly have our centres sorted out.


What a turd that was tonight. I've been pretty patient with Jarmoe this year, but he played like a man hungover tonight.

This road trip can't end soon enough.

What a turd.

Wow. Did the Flames really just blow another 2 goal lead in a must win game?


Make that a must -- must--win game.

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