Sunday, January 29, 2006


Flames Game Day

The Flames play the Blackhawks this afternoon (1PM MST, RSN West) for the 4th and final time of the season. From today's Sun:
In Thursday's game between the Flames and Blackhawks, the United Center was half empty, as it will be today when they play the rematch.

The raucous atmosphere, which made going to a 'Hawks game of yesteryear an experience, is now gone.

"Very sad. It's still a hockey town, which is sad," Amonte said.

"People talk hockey and know hockey in this city. They are very knowledgeable about the game. They've just had a very bad taste the last few years and aren't supporting the team."

And from the There-Are-No-Coincidences Dept., did you see that Fox Sports piece naming Bob Pulford as one of the 10 Worst Execs in Sports?
Chicago is a magnificent hockey town. It has a rich tradition. The Blackhawks should stand among the NHL's elite franchises, given the size of their market and its potential revenue.

But Bill Wirtz, Michael Wirtz and their hockey man — Pulford — comprise the least progressive management team in the league...

The Blackhawks haven't won a playoff series since 1996. They have reached postseason play just once since 1997. The 2005-06 team is a disaster, too, and there is little hope for a turnaround any time soon.

The difference in on-ice success between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks over the past 10-15 years is entirely -- 100% -- attributable to the quality of their respective organizations, from ownership on down. There is not a single problem the Blackhawks have had in years that they can blame on anyone but themselves. As Tony Amonte says, it really is very sad.

But, the Hawks have a "fair chance" to compete, and their owner can make a few bucks for his trouble, which is all any fan wants, right?

[The photo, and many other delights, are at the website for the book Career Misconduct, a (cough) pretty critical look at Bill Wirtz.]


The "fair chance" only applies IF you're not stupid with your team. As I remember it, the Oilers weren't running a very good team around the time that Pocklington sold the team. As a result, there wasn't much support for the Oilers and they didn't make much as much money as they do now. The point being that if the Blackhawks ever starting running their team properly, the fan support will return and with fan support will come the potential for greater profit for the owner.

Damn. I thought the Blackhawks might actually pull something off there. God, they suck.

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