Monday, January 02, 2006


Flames Game Day

Having ignored the media the past few days, and having watched the BofA game with the sound nearly muted, I just now discovered that today's game vs. the Blackhawks starts, like, in 20 minutes (1PM MST, Sportsnet West).

The Hawks remain terrible, and there's nothing that Khabibulin or any other goalie can do about it on an ongoing basis.

Home team notes: the Flames can move into 2nd place in the conference with a win. Also, they play 6 games in the first 18 days of January, then 7 games in the next 12 days. They'd be well-advised to take advantage of the sparse schedule for the next while; it's a rare luxury.

Time for Kipper to break the team record for shutouts in a season (with his 6th). Three-nil for the good guys. Go Flames.


Calgary wins!

3-2 for the Flames, three different goal scorers: Iggy, Huselius, Lombardi.

- 40 games played
- 52 points
- 12-3-1 vs division
- First in the northwest division.
- Above zero degrees all week.

- 40 games played
- 48 points
- 9-8-0 vs division
- Not first in any division.
- Below zero degrees all week.

hmm The Flames are dropping like flies, going out on the road again (9-8-2) will see what happens. So I guess what Mr Huck is saying is the Flames are Red hot.....

So the Flames can win games even with injuries to multiple key players. Oiler fans should be aware of that by now.

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