Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Interleague play in the NHL is over. There were 150 games played; the West won 79 (17 in OT/SO) and the East won 71 (19 in OT/SO). That is, the West went 79-52-19; the East went 71-62-17.

The most lopsided Div. vs. Div. result was the Southeast vs. (surprise!) the Central, with a record of 19-3-3. For the West, the most lopsided result was tied: the Pacific went 16-8-1 vs. the SE, and the Northwest went 16-8-1 vs. the once-mighty Northeast.

The East's best interleague teams were Carolina (7-2-1, 15 pts), Tampa Bay (7-3-0, 14 pts), and New Jersey (6-2-2, 14 pts). Their worst teams were Pittsburgh (1-9-0, 2 pts), Toronto (2-8-0, 4 pts), and Boston (3-5-2, 8 pts).

The West's best interleague teams were Vancouver and San Jose (both 9-1-0, 18 pts) and Calgary (7-2-1, 15 pts). Their worst teams were St. Louis (1-7-2, 4 pts), Minnesota (4-5-1, 9 pts), Edmonton (3-3-4, 10 pts), and Columbus (5-5-0, 10 pts).

Just in case you were wondering.


Great debriefing. The data in the first paragraph are huge for playoff handicapping.

TB has some thoughts on this too.

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