Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Damn Morissoconkannan!

What do you mean last night's loss wasn't the fault of the goaltenders?

Forget it. I'm not buying it. Afterall, not one of our goaltenders scored any goals last night--not one.

It has to be their fault, because I'm not sure whether or not I can take it if we start losing games on the back of weak play by the rest of the team.


You just need to learn to see the deep bell-curve structure of the world. Every team is going to put a '1' on the scoresheet sometimes, especially when it's unprepared for filthy play and the refs lose control. It's not the occasional 1 on our side that's going to kill us, it's a long sequence of 4s and 5s on the other half of the scoresheet.

It's not the occassional 1 that is worrysome, it is the somewhat more frequent runs of 3 or more losses.

What is worrisome is the 2 goals on 2 shots that never should have went in. Forgive me for being Joe Morgan-like here (I hate myself for it) but it has to be deflating for a team when they see those kind of goals go in. It doesn't inspire confidence in a team. As a player I would like to know that a) the team doesn't have to put up 6 goals every night to cover for the shitty 5 that my goalie let in and b) if my goalie DOES let in 5, and we have 6, he won't let another weak goal in. Call it the Grant Fuhr effect, or some such thing.

How many points did Salo cost the Oilers in 2003, Cosh? I know you know. And aren't we seeing a repeat performance this year?

What do you guys (Oiler fans) think will be done about the goalie situation?

Stick it out with the tenders they have?

Or trade for Biron, Theadore or whoever?

If a trade, then which Oiler(s) do you think will go? (And for which goalie) I'm sure many would say Peca because it would also free up some salary, but that's likely the reason no other team would want him. Probably can't afford to lose a d-man, except Cross, but again likely no takers on that one.

How much room is left in the Oilers' piggy bank to buy a player from another team?

There are alot of problems with any potential deal. It looks like Gainey is sticking with Theodore, as the recent firing of Julien indicates. Apparently, Gainey felt that they Habs would have had to have given up too much to compensate for Thedore's salary. As for Biron, I don't think he will be on the block until the Sabres are convinced that Ryan Miller is the real deal. That will take at least another month. Mika Noronen has apparently asked to be traded, but I think the Sabres would prefer to move Biron's salary. Plus, I don't think Noronen is an improvement.

The other problem is salary and talent. USA Today is apparently not keeping up with their hockey salary database so I don't know where to look for current salary breakdowns. Can anyone help? My guess is that the Oil could eat Biron's $2 million salary, but I know they couldn't just eat Theodore's. As for what to give up, I think they would be forced to give up a prospect (Schremp, Poulio, Cogliano) and maybe someone like the BG.

Yeah, I could see a prospect, but Big George? I'd think he would be tough to move.

OK -

Just went to NHLPA.com and checked player salaries. Unless I'm missing something, Edmonton is paying around $33 million. Does that sound right? So they could probably buy someone if they wanted to, and another team wanted to dump salary.

I guess it also depends on next year's free agents, whomever they are.

The teams like Buffalo, with goalies to spare and playoffs almost guaranteed, would likely be asking for at least some draft picks, or a veteran for playoff depth.

Interesting, but I personally hope the Oilers try to stick it out with Conky & Jussi. Give them another shot, eh.

I wouldn't want to give up BG either. I am just trying to think of assets the Oilers have that they can afford to lose. As much as it pains me, he is one chip that they can deal without seeing a huge dropoff.

I couldn't see the team salaries on the NHLPA page. Where should I be looking.

I think Conklin should be gone, and Jussi and Morrison should be getting the starts. I am tired of us being behind a minute into the game because Conks can't stop the first shot he faces.

I can hold out another month as long as Conky is kept out of the mix. We're at the point where he can safely be waived through the league anyway, and Morrison is worth another look.

There is talk of building a package around Schremp and Laraque. The theory is that BG could play Semenko to one of the young Eastern stars, but that's probably sheer speculation, and Schremp's stock is down now anyway. The talk of Bergeron going to the Habs in a package for Theodore was also obvious homebrewed speculation (i.e., those lamers will overpay us for a Frenchie).

As I recall, we started the year with around $4M in excess cap volume. That's more than enough to bring in expensive help for the last half of the season. Personally I'm not that interested in throwing away prospects for a "proven number-one". God, let alone Bergeron, who's our #2 D-man now. Lowe should be looking for a bargain on someone with upside--guys in Toskala, Montoya type situations (although Toskala is having a nightmare year).

The other guy the local fanboys keep bringing up is Kolzig. A deal for him actually makes a lot of sense if you believe that Dubnyk is the future, but all the evidence says he intends to die and be buried in a Caps uniform and that the franchise intends to accommodate this.

I actually kind of like Le GG, but I think he is sort of your Tie Domi -- He's a lovable lunk who has a lot more value in his own market than anyone else's. Can you imagine anyone but the Leafs paying more than league minimum for Tie?

I would not want Kolzig at all. Too much money, and too old.

Has someone out there done a breakdown of who might be available at goal for each team, along with who is looking for goaltending? I keep hearing that alot of teams are looking for goalies, but other than the Canucks I can't think of anyone.

I repeat, how many points did Salo cost us in 2003, and how many has the Ghidrah cost us this year?

Of course you all realize that there is a perfectly good Patrick Lalime just rotting away out there.

Meh. I'm with Cosh. I think we can stick with Jussi and Quimby. I just don't want to bust up any of our forward lines.

I never really thought about it, but damn, you're right. We could waive Conky now and there wouldn't be a sniff.

So you are bitching about how bad our goaltending is, only to say "meh, let's leave things how they are" at the end of it? That is insane. Do you honestly think that we will make the playoffs as is?

Yeah, what's the opposite of "Damned if you do, and damned if you don't."??

Either Conky ends up in the minors, or on some other team. That sounds like win-win for Oil fans.

The way I see it, we have no problems with our forwards. At all. Torres may be streaky, Peca may not get all the points, but we have three solid lines with nary a bad thing to say about any of them. And with that in mind, we could safely deal someone from the fourth line. Rita has shown some spark lately, but he's expendable. Winchester is average, Reasoner is good but not essential, and Laraque is getting a bad rap from the Oiler faithful. He needs more minutes to be truly effective.

There is no reason for Conklin to be playing in the NHL. I'm pretty sure that this is all a fiendish plot from the other 29 teams to ruin what is otherwise a solid team. I wouldn't mind having Markkanen and Morrison alternate the rest of the season, if nothing else is available.

If Reasoner gets traded for some questionable goalie upgrade I'm gonna lose it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Reasoner is instant chemistry. You can not replace what that guy does for the team.

I made my own post about 2005 NHL payrolls. You can see every team total here.

K, I am a moron. Turns out they were easy to find on the NHLPA page. But mine has depth charts, too!


Salo's net cost in '03-'04:
League average sv% = .906
Salo's sv% = .896
Shots against Salo = 1024
Excess goals allowed = 10 (in 44 games)

After all that complaining, the low result certainly is a surprise. But the truly infuriating thing at the time was that Markkanen had posted better stats three years running and looked better in the net (but still mysteriously had to defer to Conklin, who came out of nowhere and did a decent job, when Salo wore out his welcome).

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