Monday, January 30, 2006


Crazy Road Trip

Last night ended one of the most entertaining Oilers' road trips in recent memory.

Here are the highlights:

Game 1: The Oilers were looking tired and discombobulated until Smytty pulled the old stick tap on JS Giguere, who then went bananas giving the Oilers half a period of powerplay time--much of it 5 on 3. Four third period goals later and the Oil have a 6-3 come from behind victory.

Game 2: Another come from behind win, with Torres, D-Vo, and Moreau all cracking the seal on their recent scoring slumps.

Game 3: The Chris Freaking Pronger ties the game with 0.7 seconds left in regulation off a faceoff with 2.2 seconds remaining to force overtime. Hemsky and D-Vo fake Cujo into the popcorn stands, and Quimby stones all but one Coyote for the SO win. Unbelievable.

Staois Hole in One: The Oilers had their annual Phoenix golf tournament on this trip. After hacking his way to three straight double bogies, Staois holes a 3-wood on the fourth hole. Apparently the cheer from the team was huge. He might have just made himself untradeable. Can you trade a guy who sinks a hole in one in the team tournament? His quote: "All that is left in my wallet is receipts."

Transtrom and Spacek trades: After much smoke, it turns out there was fire. K-Lowe snags two very capable d-men for spare parts. In the case of Cross, it was a bonus addition by subtraction. I hope that both Rita and Cross find their games elsewhere. Both are capable but needed a change of scenery. Tarnstrom was a bit tentative in his first game as an Oiler, but Spacek looked great.

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