Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Conspirazoid Goalie Rumours

It is getting desperate in Oilerland.

For a while now there has been rampant (and apparently unfounded) rumours about the Oil trying to acquire Theodore from Montreal--perhaps for Le GG.

Now the tin-foil hat crowd has noted that Jordan Sigalet has been recalled to Boston from the Providence Bruins, and that Team Implosion starting goaltender Andrew Raycroft didn't practice with the team this morning.

Now maybe he is injured/sick/whatever, but maybe all of this is the prelude to a trade. Bruins fans seem to think so. Oilers fans are pretty divided in their opinion of whether or not Raycroft is actually an upgrade on anything we already have.



I don't think he is much of an upgrade.

I don't know why we haven't just gone to the old standby and calle Mike Milbury. It's been waaay too long since he traded one of his goalies. I don't know why we aren't trying to fleece him again. Maybe KL has cold feet after the Peca deal.

Tough call. Is he another Jim Carrey, or is he just in a slump. Are Oilers fans patient enough to bring in a slumping goaltender? Current evidence suggests not.

I wonder what it would take to get him out of there. The good news is that he has been so bad that his trade value is a lot lower than it was a year ago.

"whether or not Raycroft is actually an upgrade on anything we already have"

This... ... would be an upgrade.

Honestly though, Raycroft had an amazing rookie year for the B's, but isn't anything to brag about this year. That said, his team has also left him out to dry a lot this season. Really piss-poor defensive-end play in Boston, and the Oilers don't have that problem. He might be a good fit.

The thing with Boston is, who knows how much salary they'd be willing to dump. It would be a huge steal if PJ Axelsson(1.0 mill) were to join Raycroft(1.3m) in a package move. I doubt Boston is that dumb, though. They'd most likely try to move Murray or Zhamnov (4.1 mil each).

"...and call Mike Milbury.."

Andy, I was thinking the exact same thing. Rick DiPietro.(except he's hurt right now, I believe)

These guys (the Bruins) traded what might be this year's Hart trophy winner for spare parts. The Oil might be able to get Raycroft for a Zamboni and a roll of tape. Lots of potential there. Could be the next Quimby. And (another BIG plus) he is also from the land of chowdah.

I miss Matt, as this blog has turned into a great lament about the Oilers' goaltending. As much as I love to read all the rending of cloth and gnashing of teeth, I don't think you goaltending is all that bad. K Lowe might help your goaltending by upgrading your team defence.

I miss Matt too. His thinly-veiled infatuation with the Mike Peca and the Oilers amuses me.

The crazy rumour I heard awhile ago was that Luongo was on the market. Now THAT is crazy. No sane individual would ever trade Roberto Luongo. But, that's right. Mike Keenan runs the Panthers. Somebody start making these calls, please!

Sac, here is the question. If you got back a solid goaltender, I mean a guy you could keep around for five to ten years (Luongo, DiPietro, Fleury, Theodore), a guy who could take you deep into the playoffs almost single-handedly, are you really telling me you wouldn't trade Reasoner, or Horcoff, or Stolly? I mean cmon.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I never said those guys were untradeable.

All I said was:

"If Reasoner gets traded for some questionable goalie upgrade I'm gonna lose it."

If any of the guys you list are available, I'm all ears for trades. But, frankly, I don't think a single good goalie is available - unless by "good" you mean "used to be good" or "had one good season".

It's the right decision going forward IF you can re-sign the goalie in question. But I'd say you are turning this season into a big question mark, so you'd better be sure.

True. Both good points. I guess I am looking at it from the viewpoint that this season is already a big question mark. Maybe I shouldn't.

Here is a question. What about Roloson? He is a free agent at the end of the year, which means we might not want him. On the other hand, it also means that Minnesota is likely going to move him.

Latest rumour is someone from San Jose saying that a radio station there has reported that Nabokov has been traded. No word of where or for who of course.

I can't see how the Nabokov rumour can be true, unless it is for Luongo.

I really doubt they would trade him in the first place, and certainly not to anyone in the Western Conference, and absolutely not to the team who is only 6 points up on them for the final playoff spot.

From a stats perspective Raycroft may not be an upgrade over what the Oilers have, but he is a talent upgrade over any of the Oilers goalies.

If Nabokov isn't going the other way in a Luongo trade, maybe we can snag Nolan Schaefer?

Oilers have had scouts at the last three Boston games . . .

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