Thursday, January 05, 2006


Conditioning Quimby

No surprise, but Mayor Quimby was sent to Greenville for a conditioning stint. At least he didn't drop back to the ECHL - yet.

You would think that having the best win/loss record (5-1), the best GAA (.235), and the best S% (.904) of any Oilers' goalie would be enough to stick around. Alas, it doesn't appear so.

At least he will be getting some playing time.


On 640 Mojo Leaf's Lunch, Ken King hinted Brent Sutter could be coaching the Flames next season.

I’d keep Quimby around and encourage him to get more out of shape. The Oil could be visionaries and start a whole trend of fat goalies. In a couple of years Morrison could be on the cover of S.I. with his shirt off like Jerome Bettis a couple of years ago with a caption of “Phat Goalie”. Throw on a sash across his belly saying “World’s Fattest Goaltender” and you have a classic cover. With the restrictions on equipment this could be the next big thing.

Oilers Suck and sending Morrison down proves it.

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