Monday, January 30, 2006



Terrible ice conditions? Check!
Terrible officiating? Check!
Terrible opponent? Check!
Terrible game by Kipper? Check!
Terrible game, period? Check!
Terrible result? Uh, check, except for one of the alternatives.

Flames finish their roadtrip 2-2-1, which improbably is their second-most successful one of the year. All 5 Northwest teams have now played 52 games, with 30 to go. Standings:
Did I mention what a terrible game that was tonight?


I watched part of the game in a bar in Calgary. Boy was it fun letting out a cheer when the Blues ended it. I don't think it went over well though.

Did you get in the Owners box too?

I wish. Unfortunately, all I got was a delicious burger from Original Joes and the self-satisfaction of being in the middle of Cow-town at the end of a dispiriting loss. All in all, a great night.

My favorite part was in only recognizing two of the Blues overtime shooters. It's like an AHL team beat the Flames tonight.



It's a fair burn. The names Jay Mcclement, Dennis Wideman, and Lee Stempniak sound like they were ripped from a list of johns posted on a police website; they do NOT sound like the names of three guys who beat Miikka Kiprusoff in the same shootout.

Getting beat by "Wideman" must be especially devastating. That's like losing a fight to Chris Pusey.

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