Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Battle of Alberta - Event Hosting Division

Get yer stinkin' paws off our hosting bid.

If Calgary really wanted to host non-Olympic events, they would have considered it in the past, like, say, Edmonton has, many times.


There must be some good money in it if Pepper wants to be involved.

I wonder why they joined up like that? I mean, either city could handle it by themselves. Is it just a way to beat out those damn Torontonians, kinda like the CA-CPC merger? Talk about an unholy alliance.

Edmonton already goes bananas for events like this, but in a co-siting arrangement with Calgary, you know the cities would actually compete with each other to raise the energy level. The logic is rock-solid.

The logic is rock solid if they split up where Canada plays throughout the tournament. If they do what Vancouver/Kelowna did, though, with one pool in each city, I see endless amounts of bitching from the city that doesn't get Canada.

Also, endless amounts of bitching from the city that doesn't get to host the actual championship game. Unless you want to alternate periods or something.

I'd love to have the World Jrs in Alberta, but this seems like a bitter custody battle in the making.

But if you did something like a ceremonial coin flip with the center ice loonie to allocate the championship game, that would be kind of fun and cool.

But if Edmonton got it, that would be bad.

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