Tuesday, January 10, 2006


APB! Missing Person!

And this picture is from the Flames fan site. Whooo boy.


Iggy's scoring rate this year: 1 point per 27.9 minutes on the ice.

Some comparable Oiler figures, just for squirts 'n' giggles: Ryan Smyth, 20.6 min/pt; Stoll, 19.9; Horcoff, 18.3 (before tonight!); Hemsky, 17.7.

(You guys could probably still get Peca and Ulanov for the big man if you call K-Lo real quick.)

Plus they'd be dumping some salary too . . .

Who's more dangerous and a lot cheaper?

Hemsky 42 PTS
Iginla 33 PTS


Don't worry about Jarmoe, he'll have a good second half (as always). While you would love to trade Hemsky for him straight up, that ain't going to happen.

Go Flames!!

Just so we get this clear, is there any drop-dead date by which Jarmoe has to get his ass in gear to have earned his salary?

Or can we just keep playing this slow-starter card right until playoffs?

As long as he does in these playoffs what he did in the last playoffs.

And Smyth & Smith and Co. can do whatever they did in the last playoffs.

Who would you say has been a bigger disapointment thus far in the season? Iginla or Martin St. Louis? I thought St. Louis would dominate this year with no clutching and grabbing. So much for that.

I'd still have to take Iginla as the bigger letdown though, at least Tampa Bay has secondary scoring.

I don't know that I'd trade Hemsky straight up for Jarmoe and his salary in this market. I'm willing to add a second-rounder to the Peca-Ulanov package though.

Look, you look after your problems, we'll look after ours...

First there was "Peca sucks", then "playing hoops with Horse", and now it's the "Peca-Ulanov package".

How long 'til someone asks if Hamrlik ever played with Tugnutt?

If I had any morals I'd find this site offensive.

Geez. I don't think I'd part with a second rounder for your Peca-Ulanov package. And that's assuming you threw in your second rounder.

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