Monday, December 19, 2005


Woo Hoo!

As usual, I'll let those drunkards over at Covered in Oil give a full recap, but wow(!) what a game.

Unlike most games in this "new NHL", this one had it all: scoring, hitting, skating, end to end rushes, a few scrums.

Without a doubt the best game of the year. My favorite part: Ullie gets a deuce. As I've said in the past, I love Ulanov -- every part of his demeanor just totally cracks me up. I wish they had snagged him for the post-game interview.

I'll also agree with madcrutch in the comments of the previous post, we need to just accept that Jussi is our guy and use Conks/Quimby in limited reserve. Enough screwing around.

5 goals on Kipper is so sweet, but what is even better is that the way the Oilers scored those goals -- all 5 were almost entirely a function of outworking the Flames.

I'll leave the final word to Mrs. Sacamano: "Freakin' Awesome"


Question: why do we still have Rita on this team:

1:05, 0-0-0, -1

I had about eight "favourite parts" tonight. Favourite of the favourites: the post-game visit to a completely nonplussed, dumbstruck, humiliated Flames locker room. Right now the Flamers are looking ahead to four more Battles of Alberta and wondering what the hell they're going to do--because the Oilers aren't done improving, and the best part of their own season may now be behind them.

(Favourite part #1A: Iggy losing his cool like a five-year-old after the final whistle.)

Hehe... it was a delicious game. Covered in Oil's recap will be delayed since Chris is probably celebrating the victory by doing "Purple City" at the legislature (Edmontonians will know what I mean).

Markannen is the best we got. The good news is that he seems to be improving.

I think I had sensory overload in those last 20 minutes though. Lotsa stuff happening, the game could have went either way but somehow, someway, the Oilers found yet another ass to pull a win from.
The Oilers are 2-0 when Morrison gets the hook!

PS: These vaguely Polish-looking Word Verification words are getting ridiculous. I really have to type out "Vzwrgwwzqltl"??

Why not? It's just the Polish word for 'cat'.

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