Friday, December 02, 2005



Can anyone tell me if I should be happy that the Flames acquired Kristian Huselius? I really don't know squat about the guy, or more specifically, what's wrong with him these days.

On a definitely sombre note, with Steve "Hiroshima" Montador going the other way, Marcus Nilson is now the only Flame left on the team who scored an OT winner in the 2004 playoffs (Montador, Saprykin, and Gelinas x2: all departed). New sources of karma shall be mined.


This addition to the forward lines, plus Lombardi getting ready to return, is bad news for a couple of current starters up front. Which ones become healthy scratches? Does it even matter?

Right now, it'd be two of Donovan, Ritchie, and Macdonald in the press box, making way for Lombardi and Huselius. Wiemer's ass is never getting back on the ice, at this rate.

Well, if he gets as much ice time as recent Oiler acquisition Krys Kolanos, you won't have much to discuss.

Donovan is hurtin'. Did you see his penalty "shot"? He's frustrated, to say the least.

I don't know why Huselius is slumping, but I really like the move. Didn't have to give up much and the Flames got someone with great offensive potential. If he can be a 20 goal scorer again it'll be worth it.

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