Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Ole .500, she ain't what she used to be . . .

In the comments to this post, Matt invited us all to "check back on December 15th" and he predicted that there would be 11 or 12 teams above .500 (when calculated as % of points available - aka %/PA). I'm a week late, but here it is. 10 teams in the east, 11 teams in the west.

It is very nice to see, however, that .500 is still a very meaningful benchmark when calculated in terms of good ole fashioned wins and losses (i.e., an OT loss is simply a loss aka W%)


If you use the real meaning of ".500", treating wins and wins and losses and losses, it turns out (surprise!) that each conference has 8 above, one team at .500, and 7 below. In both cases the eight teams above .500 are the eight playoff qualifiers.

Right, that's the second column (W%).

It almost works out, except for those sad Islanders whose "true" .500 puts them out of playoffs and even behind a sub-.500 team (Devils)

But of course that is entirely a function of games played.

Highly likely that a 90 pt team may miss the playoffs.

hate to say I told you so boys, but word on the wire waiver is that Bertuzzi is ON the team and Crosby is NOT.
sorry Matty.

Now, if Kariya makes it, i'm a genius.

crap, no Kariya, ah well, at least I was right about Gretzky taking experience over flash. So no Crosby, no Spezza and no Staal. wow.

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