Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Vancouver

Season Record: 19-11-4 Season Record: 20-9-4


Yet another huge game tonight. Depending on how things shake down the Oilers could end up tied with Vancouver (and perhaps Calgary) for second in the conference -- although both of those teams have a game in hand.

In any case, this has been quite a stretch of entertaining hockey. While I'm not a big fan of the unbalanced schedule, I'll admit that I could watch a heck of a lot more Calgary or Vancouver games and never be bored.

Interesting factoids culled from various media sources.

  • The Oilers have already won more games vs the Northwest (8-5-0) than they did over the entire last season (7-12-3-2) -- of course the numbers are slightly skewed now because of the shootouts.
  • The Oil have not hit the 20-win mark before Christmas since 1988-89 -- blah blah blah shootouts
  • The Canucks vaunted powerplay is 1-14 in the last 2 games
  • Ethan Moreau is on a career-high seven game point streak (3-7-10)
  • The Canuckleheads have lost two straight games at home, and they blew 2 goal leads in both of them.
  • The Oilers and Flames are a combined 5-0 vs the Canucks.
The team has to have a strong first period tonight. I think now that we've settled on Jussi Rebounds he is going to shine.

4-2 win Oilers (Hemksy, Reasoner, Smyth, Bergeron)


Couldn't agree more about the schedule, sir. It's lopsided as all hell, but we just so happen to be in one of the interesting stretches right now, so it's okay.

Here's hoping the Oilers can pull out another hail-mary win against a team that's in actuality far worse than its record suggests. I call a 6-1 win for the Oil, with every goal scored by Ulanov—including the Vancouver one.

Man, I wish I could watch this game on TV...

Last saturday's game had some great flow to it. Plus, tonight the nucks should have Auld in net...not that Ouellet (sp?) did badly on Saturday.

There are no huge games for another 4 months ;-)

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