Thursday, December 01, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Vancouver

Season Record: 14-11-1 Season Record: 16-8-2



You keep picking Dvorak, but apparently it's only me who can anoint him with scoring karma.

An Oilers nickname glossary:

D-Vo = Dvorak
Smytty = Smyth
Prongs = Pronger
Horc = Horcoff
Hemmer = Hemsky
George = Georges Laraque
Raffi = Raffi Torres

Where DO these Oilers come up with these things?

I'm still holding out that they're calling Mike Morrison "egghead" or something.

I know - I so want Dvorak to do well.

Hey, Mike, wasn't it you who came up with Le GG?

What about Chopper and Gator - those are pretty good ones.

I'm still holding out hope that they're calling Morrison "Quimby", "Chowdah", "Sully", "Will Hunting", or something.

I had this conversation yesterday, and I think it's entirely possible that Morrison's teammates are constantly telling him things like, "Say 'ask not what your country can do for you', Mike" or "Say 'did you bring the pre-whacked snakes', Mike".

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I have been thinking about starting a fan club called "The Sons of Mike Morrison." I think it would do quite well. I also wonder if he has a Dunkin' Donuts sponsorship deal?

His nickname should be simple and telling. Here is one: Harvard.

Here is a great look at the nicknames of all the Edmonton Roadrunners (obviously dated).

"This one time he was trying to bank the puck off the glass, but instead he drilled Joey Moss in the shoulder with it and drew a delay penalty." Yeah, I think that's the perfect thing to inscribe on Cory Cross's grave marker.

Oh, fuck off, that did not happen. Did it?

Poor Joey.

He gave a thumbs up, though.

I loved how Stoll banged his stick on the glass in approval after Joey stayed on the bench.

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