Saturday, December 10, 2005


Oilers Game Day - NYI and other random stuff

Season Record: 16-11-2 Season Record: 14-12-2


I was totally unable to find a larger NY Islanders logo. But, while surfing around their site, I did find this hilarous graphic of their roster.

Anyway, the storyline in this one is, of course, York and Peca facing their former teams for the first time.

The Islanders haven't looked great at home lately (3 straight losses), and were lucky to get a point vs the atrocious Columbus in their last road game. A win tonight would guarantee a successful road trip for the Oilers, and could jump them up a few spots in the standings.

Sadly, the game is not televised, and so we will have to be content watching the Flames get whipped in their game. Actually, I'm looking forward to the Calgary-Ottawa game.

Rather quietly the Oil have become a pretty good team. Since that early brutal 7 game skid, they have gone a solid 13-5-1, despite having one of the toughest schedules in the conference. They are now sitting at a decent 16-11-2, and they have the second best record in the conference over the last 10 (7-2-1).

About the only thing that has been missing is our goaltenders stealing a game. Say what you want about Salo, but during his prime years in Edmonton he won a fair share of games on his own. Nevertheless, the goaltending has been . . . adequate. Which makes the Conklin situation even more vexing. I honestly have no clue what we should do about this one.

It sounds like Ty had a solid game in Hartford, facing 37 shots plus a shootout, to get a 4-3 win. If he comes up for the NJ game and plays well, then what? Perhaps Mayor Quimby would clear waivers - goalies haven't seemed to be the hot item on the waiver wire for whatever reason. I dunno. [update: brushback wasn't all that impressed with Conklin].


Is Mayor Quimby eligible for waivers?

I fully expect this waiver rule to be changed for 2006-07. It's dumb.

Morrison is 5-1, while Conks seriously stunk it up this season. I'm more inclined to let him linger in whatever minor league hell we can find than give him another shot.

For you poor Westerners who couldn't see the game, Covered in Oil has a recap, for what it's worth:

One of the unexpected outcomes of the shootout: an OT point feels that much cheaper when you lose.

I liked Markannen, though.

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