Friday, December 23, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Kings

Season Record: 20-11-4 Season Record: 22-13-1


The story in this one is . . . sadly . . . Sean Avery. His history with Laraque is here. Normally this wouldn't be particularly noteworthy except that he beaked off again in the media yesterday including this line:

"I don't need to fight a guy who plays 4 minutes a game. It's a waste of my time."

Now if Georges is anything, he is consistent in his respect for "The Tough Guy Code". I'm not exactly sure what that Code entails, but in Georges' mind it is very cut and dried. And one thing that you don't do is beak off to the media.

Flames fans will recall that Brantt Myhres spouted off to the media during preseason and he hasn't been seen since.

Relevant Laraque comments about that one:
"It made me mad that he would go to the media and tell them he was going to go after somebody. There are unwritten rules and he didn't show any respect," said Laraque.

Laraque got his revenge in a one-sided beatdown. Four left hands dented Myhres's mug, leaving him with stitches above his eye, and reportedly a fractured orbital bone."

And, of course, I've linked to this sound file before, but again, it is worth noting that Rob Ray's mouth was going during the pre-game.

My guess? Nothing happens. Avery isn't exactly a Go Anytime kinda guy. I bet Smith or Staois or somebody drills him, but Georges doesn't get a sniff.

More importantly, the Oil keep their point streak going. LA has already had a successful road trip after beating Calgary and Vancouver. They are now thinking about seeing their wives and kids and are mentally eating their big turkey dinners. Oilers roll over them: 5-1.


"Avery isn't exactly a Go Anytime kinda guy."

That's an awfully kind euphemism for someone who isn't a Kings fan.

Well, it is the Christmas season, and I like to keep this a family sort of blog.

However, you're probably right that not using -- at minimum -- the word chickenshit is probably too charitable.

An ugly game -- lots of penalties -- no flow at all.

But, 2 points is 2 points. And the good news is that Conky made it through 60 minutes. He even made a few big saves in the third.

It is getting to the point when I don't even care if they go down a goal or two. It just seems obvious that they will eventually score.

Are there any smart remarks left on the other side about "scoring at will"? You know, from fans of those teams that aren't #2 in the Western Conference?

Just got back: can't believe there's LA Kings fans at the game. Is it all Gretzky or are there a lot people that move from LA to Edmonton? Seems like arbitrary fandom to me, like when I liked the New Orleans Saints in Junior High.

Good game, terrible officiating and I bought a new puckhat to replace the one I tore up after a Dallas playoff loss.

Ulanov seemed to lightly touch that greek defenceman's cheek, mockingly perhaps, before the fight broke out. Can anyone confirm this? I love that guy.

OilERRZZ (etc)!

I'm so glad the Good Ulanov decided to show up this year. In fact, this past fortnight--with the seeing-eye slappers, 3-D passes, and inspired moves to the goalmouth--it seems to be the Good Ulanov with occasional sudden flashes of Denis Potvin.

The good Igor really only showed up the past 10 days or so. I spent otherwise useful money watching him in person back in the Peg many years ago, so in spite of the historical evidence I hope it lasts.

I have the sense that the double round robin that the Oilers, Flames and Canucks are in the midst of until New Year's Eve almost diminishes every other game each team plays in that period. The Oiler game tonight didn't quite have the edge of their previous three, and the Calgary-Vancouver game was as reckless and enjoyable as any all year. As Sac noted though, a win's a win, and Horc shaking off the cobwebs has been a welcome sight the past week.

Since even some of us rich, PPV buying monocle wearers actually have to work for a living Sunday, I'll take this chance to wish all you BoA types a Merry Christmas.

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