Thursday, December 15, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Da Habs

Season Record: 16-11-4 Season Record: 16-8-5


The Habs are back in town and, apparently, are not keen on giving the Oil a chance to even the score outside. It is probably just as well since it was that loss that sent the Oilers on their downward spiral last season.

Word on the street is that Kovalev might be back for the Habs tonight, but Koivu and Bonk are both out for sure.

No word yet on who gets the call in net for the Oilers.

This is actually a pretty big game. A win vaults us over LA into sixth place and only two points back of Both Calgary and Vancouver (although they will both have a game in hand). Perhaps more importantly it will give us a little breathing room over Phoenix and Colorado.

Prediction: 4-1 Oil (Pronger, Peca, Pisani, and Pardubice's favourite son).


Hey, now that you've stopped picking Dvorak to score, maybe he'll break out.

And no offense to Al-ishhh, but I doubt he's surpassed Dominek Hasek in popularity in their hometown.

Alas, Dvorka isn't playing tonight.

Can Hasek still be considered a son? He's practically their favourite grandfather by now

I sat through that game and the one before it for about 20 Hoth-like hours, and froze my ass off. if there had been a Ton-ton there, I would have cut it open and climbed inside. And footballl players do it all the time. What the hell is Theodore complaining about? He was out for 2.5 hours total,moving alot, and went into the locker room twice to warm up. Is he even Canadian? I suppose he prefers the confines of a nice warm casino, eh? Where is Sean Avery for a comment when you need one?

Kovalev isn't playing tonight either. So expect a low scoring game, for the Canadiens I mean.

Is anyone going to the game tonight? I sure wish I was, considering if my girlfriend had a baby today, my child would be 3 years old when Montreal comes to play again at Rexall. Seriously, thats a little crappy.

5-2 Oilers. Conklin plays again, if he can do it twice in a row, then Jussi's gone.

Conklin needs to win about 20 games and come shovel my walk before he regains my trust--and, frankly, I threw in the shovelling as a polite non-oral alternative to what he really owes.

Are people hating illogically on the Juice or is there some actual reason to think he might be hitting the road? If the principle here is trusting Lowe to do the dumbest possible thing, please let me know--I don't necessarily disagree...

I think the facts are thus:
-the #1 job is Conklin's to lose.
-if Morrison gets sent down, he'll have to clear waivers, and he'll surely get picked up by another team.
-there is a HUGE market out there for goalies. It seems every team needs a goalie except Calgary, Ottawa and Buffalo these days.

A multi-player deal should be on the table for sure. Lowe should be on the phone to St. Louis right now, lets get Weight back, and trade Jussi and someone else to get the deal sealed. If Calgary gets Weight, well, its trouble for Edmonton.

Good god, I forgot to tape the game again!

Dammit. Guess there will be no recap for me at Covered in Oil.

Anyway: I'm still a Markannen man. We're really shaving save percentage points if we're going to dismiss him as number 1. He could get a couple shutouts and shoot up in the league.

And, for all this talk about Conklin's "competitiveness" and "demeanour" (ie. "He's North American"?) I'll still take Markannen's cool cucumber routine. He hasn't completely melted down either, it's worth noting.

OILERS win 12-3.

What a prediction! OILERZZZZZZZ!!!!

I might need to crack out the old Mike Vernon 5-hole jokes for Conklin; that 1st goal to something called "Garth Murray" was, uh, not that good. Looked like he carried over the sharpness he had in the shootout against Jersey.


Seven goals short of my prediction though, which is rather odd.

Anyway, the Yahoo Page from my view up here in the rafters of Bay Street tell me that Conklin probably didn't play very well.

If so, at what point will one of our goalies simply be waived like Lalime?

How'd Cross and Ullie look? In Sun Newspaper parlance: Piss-poor or plain crappy?

And that second goal... It was probably going to go in anyway, but FUCKING MOVE. "Competitiveness"? He gave up on that goal, plain and simple. I'm surprised there are still Conklin-supporters around. If he gets traded, and becomes an elite 'tender, I would have no regrets, considering how shaky he's been.

That being said, woo Moreau.

"cross and ullie": How many times in a season can a team win when their third D pair is -2? Not sure, but today's answer is one more than yesterday.

I never, ever, would have thought that Ethan Moreau could carry an NHL team. Wow.

And oh, in case I'm sounding too Oiler friendly, I will again state that Peca is The Worst offensive player on the Oilers. They might as well play 4 on 5 in the offensive end when M. Peca is on the ice.

I wonder if anyone predicted that he'd be -1 on the year, with 11 goals...

From my vantage point high in the rafters of Rexall, Conklin was not good at all. Peck's dead right about the 5 on 3 goal in particular. He was just laying there making face down snow angels, hoping Ryder wouldn't raise the puck. The Habs quit playing and went to a 1-4 trap after the Higgins goal, which was dreadful tactics given how shaky Conklin looked. If they'd tried to push the game in the second period, they might have knocked him out.

Moreau, on the other hand, was a-1. He's played well for about a month now, and he was as good as you could ask for tonight. Horc and Hemsky, well, not so much. As for Cross and Igor, they weren't much help, and let's leave it at that. One other thing; all those stinkin' Habs fans were pretty quiet in the third.

If we're relying on Conklin we should recognize that St.Louis and Columbus already have a substantial lead on us in the race to the first pick overall.

Ethan Moreau is looking like Edmonton's version of Calgary's Shean Donovan (last season, not this one).

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