Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Normie is the Smartest Person in the World!

Canada's Olympic team:

  1. Doan
  2. Gagne
  3. Draper
  4. Heatley
  5. Iginla
  6. Lecavalier
  7. Nash
  8. Richards
  9. Smyth
  10. St. Louis
  11. Thornton
  12. Bertuzzi
  13. Sakic (captain)
  1. Blake
  2. Foote
  3. Niedermayer
  4. Pronger
  5. Redden
  6. Regehr
  7. Special Ed
  1. Luongo
  2. Brodeur
  3. Turco
  1. McCabe
  2. Spezza
  3. Staal
And the Winner of the Battle of Alberta Olympic Hockey Pick'em Pool is . . . Normie. Congratulations, you are now the smartest person in the world.

normie - 2 wrong (Marleau, Tanguay)
matt - 3 wrong (Crosby, Shanny, Cujo)
mirtle - 3 wrong (Crosby, Spezza, Cujo)
chanandler - 3 wrong (Crosby, Marleau, Cujo)
julian - 4 wrong (Crosby, Shanny, Spezza, Cujo)
cosh - 4 wrong (Crosby, Marleau, Spezza, Cujo)
sacamano - 5 wrong (Crosby, Marleau, Shanny, Staal, Cujo)
jhuck - 5 wrong (Marleau, Shanny, Tanguay, Boyle, Cujo)
dave - 5 wrong (Marleau, Morrison, Shanahan, Staal, Belfour)
steve - 6 wrong (Crosby, Spezza, Staal, McCabe, Cujo, Fernandez)
bing - incomplete lineup
david maclean - incomplete linup


I'm very suprised that Shanahan was left off, but happy as hell that Smyth is there.

Ah hindsight! What was I thinking with Marleau? Brutal.
But definitely happy with Smyth on there. And in general, I'm pretty impressed with this squad.

I look forward to see if Gretzky is able to change the rules surrounding the "taxi squad", hopefully Staal, Spezza and McCabe aren't stuck somewhere different in isolation, if that happens, poor McCabe, he'll be the one having to go buy the beer all the time.

It shouldn't be a surprise. Only half of us (5) thought Gretzky would choose Shanahan; literally no one left Smyth off the squad.

Holy shit are these conservative picks, though. Crosby doesn't even make the three-man taxi squad?? Some kind soul put Gretzky on the Canada Cup team when he was barely 20, but I guess he pulled the ladder up behind him.

Yep, very conservative. Taking all three of Doan, Draper, Smyth rather than subbing one of them for a young superstar is weird.

I just officially had my first nightmarish vision of Ovechkin and Malkin tying Shane Doan in knots.

My question is why is the first question about Staal? I thought it was a toss up between Staal, Spezza, and Crosby, but all of a sudden after the team is picked Staal is the one player who should have made the team according to TSN "analysts." What a weird country we live in.

How hilarious would it be if Crosby goes off on a "Jeremy Roenick"-like rant about being left off the team?

Well, Staal is leading the league in goals . . .

I'm disappointed Draper/Doan is in and Shanny isn't, but that's about it. Look out Kahzeruskia, here comes Canada.

The taxi squad has the exact three that I would have put on there. All are arguably better than a few named to the team, just not thought of "as safe".

Goals schmoals Sacamano, you're telling me this unit would have trouble scoring goals? wow.

All I'm saying is that if Staal is such a superstar being left off the roster, where was all this attention to him before today? It just seems a little off to me.

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