Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Neighbourhood Watch

Now this is some smack (all in good fun, of course):
Mike, due to your accident I am now listing climbing on the roof of a house with tiny light bulbs on a windless 80 degree December day as one of the most dangerous occupations on earth. I'm sandwiching it between North Atlantic crab fishing and chainsaw juggling.

Our first link from a Polish hockey blog!
Całkiem niezła nazwa adresu blogowego została już dawno zajęta: Battle of Alberta.

A Czerkawski fan, presumably.

I like Mirtle's blog, but I have to agree with Jes' comment to this post: if anything, the numbers show that team faceoff success is the most over-rated stat in hockey. Also found at Mirtle: this pic. It's like Sean Avery asked himself: How could I get even more people to detest me? I know! I'll date an incredibly hot actress, and wear the hat reminiscent of the Soviet secret police!

And lastly, this isn't hockey, but I'm really enjoying the baseball and soccer posts of Avi Schaumberg over at Sports Matters, along with the usual delights.

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