Friday, December 30, 2005


Moneypuckers Rejoice!

Frequent commenter here, at HF, at Oilfans, heck everywhere hockey is discussed - Madcrutch79 has managed to get a few posts up at his site.

Here is his description of what the site is all about:

I'm interested in taking a view of hockey that goes beyond just asserting opinions. As such, I compile a lot of statistics that aren't available elsewhere. I've decided to make them accessible here for others who find this sort of thing interesting as well. Over the next couple days, I'll add some articles to the front page explaining the things that I track. My main goal is to publish things that aren't available on but which are relevant and useful statistics. Think of something like the Baseball Prospectus statistical reports and that's what I'm shooting for. If you've spent any time on trying to answer a question, you'll no doubt realize that this is not very difficult to do-they present a variety of bizarre statistics, in formats that aren't particularly useful.

There is a ton of interesting stuff there already, including a very nice clock detailing exactly how long it has been since the Leafs won a cup. BWA-HA!

Well done, sir.

If you like talking numbers and hockey you should definitely check it out.


Yeah, check it out, it's a very interesting site. I even get a credit for turning him on to a Moneypuck article he uses.

Thanks for the promotion sacamano. I think other people might find it interesting and, like Howard Stern, I wanted to be free of the censorship imposed at places like HF (I'm censored there because they banned me).

The biggest disappointment so far is that my most recent post provides some evidence that the Flames are an excellent defensive team beyond Kiprusoff. I've greatly enjoyed using the line "Kipper, Iggy and 18 guys named Duane", but it appears I will have to reconsider it.

Oh and the clock was a difficult decision. It was either "...since the Leafs won a Stanley Cup" or "...since the Oilers hired someone based on a) their connection to the Stanley Cup years or b) their connection to someone within the organization."

It was basically a choice between constantly resetting the clock and never resetting it. I'm lazy.

So why did you get censored, Mud?

The moderators are like zealous bouncers over at HF...

So why did you get censored, Mud?

The moderators are like zealous bouncers over at HF...

I referred to one of them as a jackass for locking a thread and referring to the poster who started the fracas by posting something relevant and factual that was contrary to the conventional wisdom as a troll. That was the last in a series of run-ins with the mods and the straw that broke the camel's back.

HF is an interesting place-it's a real business. I've talked to someone who writes there and he told me that the guys who own the site own hundreds of sites and have no particular interest in hockey. Most of the writers are happy to work for free because (I assume) they're looking to break into journalism. I don't know much about what entry level writers make generally (I imagine it's low), but I'm pretty familar with the sports industry and if it's anything like what they do to entry level types there, I'd imagine that the intersection between sports and journalism is a pretty poorly paid one.

The owners are all about volume, so I can understand that they don't want anything that might give the place the reputation of being a rough part of the internet. Unfortunate though-there are a couple of people who post in the Oilers forum who write great stuff, but as someone noted at your place, it's kind of swamped with shit at the moment.

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