Monday, December 12, 2005


"I don't like them personally"

Wonder of wonders: the Calgary Flames actually posted something interesting on their website. It's a reprint of a piece from their game program on October 12, 1982, featuring Charles "Charlie" Bourgeois talking up the Battle of Alberta. His thoughts on the Oilers, who at the time were still 18 months from their first Cup:
"They got maybe one tough guy in Semenko but the rest of them are just cocky. I really get up for them. I hate them."

From the main piece by John Down:
Every time the Oilers and Flames have faced-off of late, an air of electricity has become more and more noticeable. A pre-season confrontation of a few weeks ago ended with Edmonton coach Glen Sather challenging a number of behind-the-bench hecklers to 'dance'.

And this anachronism from the piece is unbelievable in 2005:
Bourgeois, one of the largest men in the NHL at 6'4-1/2" and 205 pounds...

205 pounds? What a monster!

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