Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Heh, heh heh

Ah, good times. I remember the days, not so long ago, when the Flames were always the Other Team in tonight's kind of game. Just kill the opponent for most of a period, yet still emerge tied. Then, when the opponent gained a bit of an edge in play, go down by two or three goals. The worm has turned! (Advantage: Burns! etc..)

Way to wow the Team Canada GM, Marty! Nothing like making one save on the first four shots to make a positive impression (although the home crowd did give him a nice cheer for his second save--which by the way, was about 5 minutes into the 2nd period).

Lastly, credit where it's due: I actually enjoyed Gord and Pierre's call of the game tonight. McGuire even made me laugh a couple of times.

Next up: the league-leading Ottawa Senators, across the nation on Hockey Night In Canada. The Flames are 13-2-2 in their last 17; it should be a pretty good matchup.





The great news is that the oilers are on the playoff bubble. I know, I know it's early. But I for one don't think they can pull it off. Not unless they acquire a goalie, a d-man and a first line center.
Go flames.

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