Friday, December 23, 2005


Flames Game Night

The Flames play in Vancouver tonight (preview). The last game they played there (that meant anything) ended very, very well: lots of Flames jumping around and piling on each other, and Ed Jovanovski exiting the penalty box with a pretty sick look on his face.

Haven't heard if Alex Auld or Maxim Ouellet is getting the start. I have Auld on my fantasy team, and never have I been so happy to plummet down the standings.

A Flames win coupled with a Kings win means LOG-JAM at the top of the NW Division Standings. Sounds good to me. Go Flames.


Matt December 19: "Furthermore, I'm at a place where a 5 GAA game doesn't bother me, because it's simply inconceivable that it could become a habit. Really, that's how good the Flames D have been over the past year or so."

December 19: Oilers 5, Flames 4
December 21: Kings 5, Flames 2
December 23: Canucks 5, Flames 5

And once again Vancouver shows that no matter how many goals you give up against them, you will still get two points.

On hehalf of Alberta I wish we could play them way more often -- entertaining games and nothing but wins.

Strange team Vancouver, can't figure out why they are still hanging out among the leaders of the division when they can't beat either of the other two.

And tonight the circle is now complete. This week, the Oilers became the Flames by playing a high tempo pressure game for 60 minutes and grinding out tough third period wins. Tonight, the Flames became the Oilers, winning a high scoring game in a shootout.

Strange times. New Years Eve should be fun.

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