Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Flames Game Night: We're There! Edition

Matt, Sacamano, our missuses, Matt's dad, brother-in-law Dirk Musclechops, and a few other friends and relatives are heading down to the Saddledome tonight to take in the Flames vs. the Predators.

I can be recognized by my giant red foam cowboy hat, and my frantic waving of a sign featuring a lame slogan with the TV network's call letters in BOLD. (Sacamano will be the guy winning the dumb on-ice contest during the 2nd intermission).

I think it's time for Nashville to begin their long fall down to 7th or 8th in the conference. I'll say Calgary scores four goals to their one. Go Flames.


40 shots? Nice work putting the hex on, Sacamano.

That was pretty awful.

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