Saturday, December 17, 2005


Flames Game Night (finally!)

After a week of practice and R&R, the Flames are back on the ice tonight, facing the retooled and/or free-falling Boston Bruins (8PM MST, radio only).

The second-best news of the day is that Matthew Lombardi is back in the lineup, having missed the last 24 games with a nasty ankle sprain. The best-case scenario is that now the Flames have a dynamic, playmaking centreman, without having to make a trade or spend extra money. And Lord knows, a team that's 14-2-2 in the past 18, like the Flames, can always stand to get better.

The best news of the day is that my colleague in the North passed his oral exam yesterday, and is now Dr. Sacamano! (Following in the footsteps of his idol, pictured). When you spend fourteen and one-half years pursuing, it's nice when things turn out well, and so they have. Congratulations, Jass. And Go Flames.


Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

Let me know if you want me to write you any prescriptions for philosophy.

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